Drying Time Questions… Answered!

The most commonly asked question to us by our customers is “How long will it take our carpets to dry?” Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. It depends on several variables:

1) The weather: Cold, wet days are not ideal drying conditions. So the warmer it is outside the faster your carpets will dry.

2) How soiled are your carpets?: The more dirty and stained carpets need more rinse and water applied to them to get them clean. So the if your carpet is in good condition it will dry quicker. If your carpets are very soiled, the more we will need to go over it- the longer it will take to dry.

3) What type of carpet do you own?: Carpets that are tightly wound without any fiber strands dry faster. The thicker and longer carpet fibers or strands absorb more water and the water gets deeper in the carpet therefore it takes loner to dry.

4) Are you able to keep your door and windows open?: Whether it is cold or warm outside having air circulate through your place helps speed up drying time.

We generally like to tell our customers allow 12-14 hours before removing traffic lane paper and walking on carpet. Also, we recommed NOT removing pads or silver tabs under furniture for 72 hours!

Hope this was helpful.!