Is your Mattress making you sick??

You wouldn’t wait a year to change your sheets.
Why wait to clean your mattress!!

Are you sleeping with this enemy? That’s right, these dust mites, a long with other germs, bacteria or other pollutants, can make you sick!! They can be the cause of ALLERGIES, COUGH, DRY THROAT, AND RUNNING NOSE! And can put your general health at risk.

You may have your carpets, area rugs, drapes, and upholstery cleaned to prevent these things from happening, but many people forget about their mattresses. If any of you family or friends is experiencing these types of health problems, they may very well be due to dust mites in their mattress.

The solution? You can get your mattress cleaned!!! Raytone Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. is now offering a new service..Mattress cleaning!. For those of you that did not receive our spring special, we are offering a new special for the summer! It includes complete mattress cleaning (any size); box spring and WE WILL INCLUDE DEODORIZING/DISINFECTANT FREE!! THAT IS A $75.00

So, if you want a better night’s sleep and a general sense of well being. Not to mention, free from allergies and other health problems, HAVE YOUR MATTRESS CLEANED NOW!!